Start off new learners with the right foundation

Beginner Friendly

Subject matter based on the fundamentals

Retention and Mastery

A methodology adapted from piano learning techniques

Enables teachers to do more

Allows for creation of their own ONLINE material

Easy to integrate into your course

CodeKeys is a fully functional LTI tool for various LMS

CodeKeys will provide teachers with premade lessons on the fundamentals of the Python language which have proven both efficient and effective. CodeKeys will also provide teachers with a platform to host their own lessons, projects, and homework for use on your LMS (ie Canvas, Blackboard, etc)

CodeKeys was developed and tested at Utah State university by John Edwards, and the provided course material follows “The Virtuoso Pianist” exercises by Charles Louis Hanon.

Research shows improved speed and test scores

Beginner friendly

Programming can seem very daunting at first. CodeKeys provides an easy to understand starting point, paving the way for students for whom computer science seems insurmountable.

All are welcome

Easy for students to understand, topical lessons

Step by step process that builds on itself

Teaches only the basics of Python & programming

Can be adapted to student’s learning pace

There has never been a more straightforward way to start learning to code. Students will be greeted by excesses and instructions meant to help and guide them, while still testing their knowledge of their new ever building Python skills.

Promotes Retention and Mastery

CodeKeyz lessons follow a proven pedagogy based on “The Virtuoso Pianist” exercises by Charles Louis Hanon.

The exercises emphasize ab true mastery

Minimizes the how often the basics are googled

Strategic use of repetition and incrementation

Focuses on attention to all of the details

Following this proven technique promotes the highest levels of mastery and remembrance. The skills learned from these lessons range from a solid foundation for Python and improved debugging skills.

Enables teachers to do more

Not only does CodeKeyz provide an array of highly effective lessons, but gives Teachers create their own lessons, projects, and assignments ALL ONLINE

Client-side Python virtual environment

Students don’t need to install python or IDEs

Supports LTI grade passback, auto grades work

Lessons and exercises can be saved and shared

Whether or not you choose to create your own material, CodeKeyz will prove to be an effective tool at saving you time and increasing accessibility to your students.

Easy to integrate into your course

CodeKeyz takes advantage of being a fully functional LTI tool for your schools LMS.

Assign linked lessons and assignments

Supports LTI grade pass back, auto grades work

Ready to use through your chosen LMS

Adapt in your course however you please

CodeKeys was originally developed at university and has been in use with Canvas for years now. With CodeKeys installed in your course, you’ll be able to assign to your students all of the premade lessons as well as your own material with ease.