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Students master python syntax, you don’t lift a finger

K - 12 Teachers

Start off new learners with the right foundation

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Experienced or not, this is how to pick up Python now

A new approach to learn coding Based on Charles-Louis Hanon’s “The Virtuoso Pianist” exercises, professors at Utah State have developed a course which is now known as CodeKeyz, which provides both new and experienced programmers with the key essentials for the Python language. Strict language specific SYNTAX.

We promise a focused experience and syntax mastery!

Higher Education, University, College:

College Professors

This course will be an essential in the classroom, it only teaches the essentials

Module based learning, customizable

Focused/topical lessons, promote mastery

Easy to set a pace works best for your course

Easy integration with Canvas and other LMS

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Elementary, Junior High/Middle School, High School, Charter Schools:

Kindergarten – 12th Grade Teachers

A great basis for those that will be future of computer science

New programmer friendly, experience not required

Focus on retention and mastery of the basics

Enables teachers to teach more than just syntax

Easy integration with Canvas and other LMS

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For business owners, python jumpstart, python integration, python training:

Business Owners

Start unlocking the limitless possibilities of python

A unified means of training employees

Course can be taken in under a week

Cost efficient over other alternatives

Enables the Python to be a viable tool

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Non profit education, non-profit computer science, non-profit python

Non-Profit Organizations

We support non-profits

Focus on retention and mastery of the basics

Unlock the limitless uses of Python

Easy to grasp lessons and activities

Let’s see How we can help your organization

Experienced programmers learn new language, New Programmers learn first language

Independent Programmers

The best stepping stone into the Python language

For both new and experienced programmers

Mastery of the language specific syntax

Respects your intelligence, think for yourself

Self paced, can be completed in less than 24 hours

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