Experienced or not, this is how to pick up Python, TODAY!

First language or not, this is the place for you

This course focuses on language specific fundamentals

Obtain a true mastery and understanding

Lessons formed from a model of piano learning

Respects your intelligence and experience

Client side Python environments, few pattern checks

Quickly pick up what you need to know

Course can be completed in less than 13 hours

A New, Fast, Tested and proven means of learning Python

Our course was made by Professors at Utah State University and used by hundreds of students. Learning is completely self paced and can be completed in less than a day if desired.

Open to all

This course does not require any previous coding experience, neither does it exclude experienced programmers who just need to learn Python.

All are welcome

Easy top grasp format and presentation

Key lessons to jumpstart your skills

Explicit focus on Python syntax, what you need

Module based lessons, mastery is the focus

As a tool primarily employed by University Professors for both majors and non majors of computer science, this works for anyone.

True Mastery of Syntax

Lessons based on Charles-Louis Hanon’s “The Virtuoso Pianist” exercises, these lessons will provide the user with an adept and solid knowledge of the language specific Python syntax.

This is not your standard online course

Heavy use of repetition and incrementation

Learning process that teaches and verifies.

Not brainless, minimal hand holding

Large array of specially designed exercises

In our free demo of the first couple lessons you will see these methods at work. As you progress through the exercises you will find the keys to the Python language imprinted on your mind. You may find some challenge as you search for a few solutions, forcing you to be detail oriented, minimizing your future syntax mistakes.

Respects Your Intelligence

Experience a completely client side Python environment. There is rarely a single correct answer. Feel free to experiment with how to solve exercises, employ what you have learned in ways only you could think of.

Full client side Python virtual environment

No restriction to experiment with unique solutions

Work checked by Unit Testing, few pattern checks

This is not some cheap online python teacher that wants you to solve the problems with specific code. Write whatever you want. Go ahead, write the most complex algorithm to print “Hello World!” that you can. Not that this is the only thing this course teaches.

Save Time

The lessons can be completed at any pace, but the time that will be spent within the lessons will be minimal. The course itself can be completed in less than 13 hours. Much faster than a 14 week semester.

Lessons are detailed but brief, teach essentials

Each lesson can be completed in 30 minutes

Pace yourself and get more time for other things.

No faster way to self certify your python ability

However you choose to approach our lessons, we promise an efficient feeling experience. We won’t waste your time and we dare you to try to speedrun our exercises.

If you would like additional info feel free to email us at , or schedule a video call Here